Africa's Best Restaurants

Africa's food culture is diverse and delicious, offering both traditional dishes and innovative culinary creations. From the north, where the food is heavily influenced by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, to the spicy stews of West Africa, the heavily Indian and Asian influenced cuisine of East Africa, and the indigenous and European inspired gastronomy of Southern Africa, there is something for everyone. The TOP25 Restaurants guide and awards add an extra layer of prestige to the dining experience and are an essential reference guide when looking for the best restaurants in Africa.

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La Colombe

Cuisine : Contemporary with French flair
Chef : James Gaag
Pricing : $$$$
Location : Constantia, South Africa

As you ascend the winding road on Silvermist estate, time seems to slow down. At each bend, as the city tilts away beneath you, you …

The Ruined Garden

Cuisine : Moroccan
Chef : Robert Johnstone
Pricing : $$$
Location : Medina of Fez, Morocco

The Garden & Riad are situated in the medina of Fez, 5 or 6 minutes walk downhill from Batha roundabout. The medina is car free …

Tamarind Mombasa

Cuisine : Seafood
Chef : Gabriel Ngugi
Pricing : $$
Location : Mombasa, Kenya

With high arches and a crenellated roof, the elegant white building is a throwback to a bygone Arab era with the perfect setting. The specialty …