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Asia is a continent known for its diverse and rich food culture. From the rich variety of regional cuisines in China to the spicy curries of India, the delicate sushi of Japan, the herbs and flavorful dishes of Thailand, the distinctive Korean cuisine, or the light and healthy cuisine of Vietnam, the food of Asia is as varied as the continent itself. In Asia, you're sure to always find something delicious and authentic. Some of the world's best restaurants can be found in Asia, where traditional dishes are served alongside modern fusion cuisine and European fine dining restaurants.

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Robuchon Au Dôme

Cuisine : French
Chef : Julien Tongourian
Pricing : $$$$$
Location : Macao SAR

Robuchon au Dôme is one of the region’s top dining destinations, and has been awarded three Michelin stars for fourteen consecutive years by the Michelin …


Cuisine : Japanese, Chinese, and French
Chef : Yoshihiro Narisawa
Pricing : $$$$
Location : Tokyo, Japan

Forests comprise almost 70% of Japan. Its coastline is ranked 6th in the world. Japan is surrounded by forests and seas. In this limited space, …


Cuisine : French Fine Dining
Chef : Henk Savelberg
Pricing : $$$
Location : Yen Akart, Bangkok

Savelberg is a must dining experience in Bangkok and Chef Henk has raised the bar once again at his new location on Yen Akat Soi …

Yamazato Macau

Cuisine : Japanese
Chef : Morihiro Takeda
Pricing : $$$$$
Location : Galaxy, Cotai, Macao

The charm of Japanese cuisine comes not only from the care and precision that goes into each delicately crafted dish, but also the ambience that …